CBD experts discuss benefits and warnings

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 3:56 PM CST
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CBD is a popular item that comes in many forms such as ointments, oils, and even gummies.

The CBD American Shaman in Bowling Green is U.S. Hemp Authority certified and they say they sell CBD to help with a variety of ailments.

"They use it for all kinds of stress and anxiety, people use it for PTSD for gastrointestinal issues. Pain is one reason that people come in to use CBD. Just a variety of ailments that people suffer from and get relief from," said Barbra O'Dell, Store Manager CBD American Shaman.

While these products do provide relief, not all places that sell these products are certified in the sale of CBD.

If you are buying from an unauthorized retailer there could be consequences such as failure of a drug screening test.

"They are seeing CBD and they are thinking 'oh it's just CBD'. They aren't doing that background information to check and make sure 'ok well is there anything in this' and a lot of the times like I said it takes a very long time to get that built up in your system, but it can definitely over time build-up to the point where you can see a positive test result in a drug test," said Lakin Ethington, General Officer Manager of Occupational Screening.

"CBD is absolutely a medical anomaly. It's great. It helps on so many different levels and I definitely encourage the use of it if you are finding issues that you think it might help with for sure, but just be aware of where you're getting it, what is in it when you're getting it. Just do your research," added Ethington.

The CBD American Shaman in Bowling Green is one of only six companies that have the U.S. Hemp Authority stamp.