COVID-19 tests increase over the week significantly at Med Center Health

Published: Mar. 19, 2020 at 5:20 PM CDT
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Med Center Health says over the past seven days they have gone up from one or two tests a day to ten.

Dr. William Moss with the Emergency Department says they go through a private lab that is FDA approved, and results come back within 24 hours.

The hospital has not had any positive tests there and many patients coming in for tests are not hospitalized.

"85 percent of patients who we see we are sending back home because they don't really have any need to be in the hospital. They just need to do the simple things for a virus as you would do until we get the tests back," said Dr. Moss.

Prep-wise, the hospital has physically put in several negative pressure rooms which help to circulate the flow of air out of the room in a safe matter so that others don't get infected. What would usually take six months was implemented in ten days, said Dr. Moss.

Meanwhile, protocols are changing, and so are the way healthcare workers are viewing illnesses and symptoms.

"For even the simplest things that comes in with a cold or upper respiratory infection, fever, chills... which normally six months ago would have been a quick flu swab and general assessment and go home and rest, now it takes a whole different light," explained Dr. Moss.

If you do feel symptomatic, Med Center Health urges you to call before coming in so they can prepare to prevent potential exposure to other people.