COVID-19 turns March into Christmas for a Plum Springs resident

BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- During this time of the coronavirus outbreak we've seen huge involvement from our community from food donations:

To wave parades:

This time by decorating for Christmas!

Johnny Adkison decided to have a March Christmas by decorating his home to help brighten spirits during this pandemic. Adkison said he saw others doing it on social media and is encouraging the community to join in.

"I've been seeing on Facebook where different people, in different states decorated to lift spirits and the reason why I'm doing this is so maybe I can get a laugh or get a smile from someone and possibly get more of Bowling Green to do this to help out," said Adkison.

Adkison says anyone is welcome to drive by to see his Christmas decorations at 281 Countrywood Place in the Plumb Springs neighborhood.