Calf rescued out of sinkhole in Alvaton

ALVATON, Ky. (WBKO) -- A cow was reunited with her baby calf after the calf fell into a sink hole in Alvaton.

Alvaton and Gott Fire departments worked hours to rescue a calf out of a sinkhole Sunday night.

"A mother cow came running up and that's how they communicate, they can't talk but they certainly can communicate and that's when I knew that something was wrong," said David Bergamini, the owner of the calf.

He was right -- David and his kids heard a noise coming from some woods on his property, finding that one of their calves had fallen into a large sinkhole.

"Last I checked the hole wasn't near that big. So, it's opened up since," Bergamini said.

"It's probably thirty feet down, then once you're down there you've got about a twenty foot opening of a room to get in there and operate with," said Alvaton Firefighter, Colin Manley.

"Well, I knew that we couldn't go in and get it and we didn't really know who to call and so I called the Alvaton Fire Department and they said, 'We can handle that, we can take care of it,' and before we knew it, the Gott Fire Department was here and it was just a big thing," said David's wife, Tammy.

"Once we got down there we realized the cow had plenty of room to operate and could kick around and everything, so then it was to tackle the calf and get it down to rope it to keep it preventing injury to me," Manley said.

"I mean, they were great, they were organized and they knew what to do and just really took care of it," said Tammy.

Once the logistics were figured out, the Alvaton and Gott Fire Departments safely rescued the baby calf.

"We're ecstatic that they came; it's very kind of them to come on Mother's Day, it's a big day for them and for their families and we're very appreciative," David said. "I cannot thank the Alvaton and Gott Fire Departments enough. They are very, very kind and I cannot thank them enough," David said.

The calf was reunited with her mama, ending Mother's Day on a good note.

"Good Mother's Day present for her, for the mama cow," Tammy said.

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