Ambassador to Canada visits WKU

Published: Feb. 15, 2018 at 7:21 PM CST
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U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft, spoke to WKU students today about her career and how she reached her goals.

Craft is actually a native of South Central Kentucky, hailing from Glasgow.

Cecile Garmon, a WKU communications professor, is a family friend who helped plan Craft's trip to Western.

She said it was surprising when she heard about her profession, "I was just shocked, just amazed and mystified that some little girl from Glasgow would be our ambassador to Canada."

Students in attendance today were inspired by her message.

"It's not just someone from a big city coming in here and saying, 'These are things you can achieve," said Andi Dahmer, President of SGA at WKU. "It's someone with native Kentucky roots saying, 'You can follow the path as I've done and achieve this greatness."

As students listened to Craft's story, they say they believe anybody can achieve their dreams.

"Western Kentucky University has strong programs, so anyone in the local community really can serve their country at the highest level." adds Erick Murrer, a WKU student.

In 2014 the Ambassador and her husband founded the Craft academy on Morehead State's campus, similar to the Gatton Academy here at WKU that offers high school students college credit. Western Kentucky Administrators say that played a big part in her visit today.

"She said that one of the reasons she wanted to see the Gatton Academy is because it's the forerunner, and of course has been so spectacularly successful," says Garmon. "She said that's a high standard for the Craft School to follow and she wanted to see what was going on at Gatton."

To visit campus, and help motivate the community is what students say is the most impressive.

Dahmer said, "She wants to come back to the South Central Kentucky region where she grew up to spend a whole day with us educating us and telling us about her job."

Craft's message today seemed to resonate with all of the students.

With a smile, Dahmer added, "I can't wait to seek as many opportunities as she has presented today."