Career Studio provides lots of support for students looking for a job

WKU’s Advising and Career Development Center launched a new initiative about six months ago designed to support students looking for a job.

Amy Bingham has more on the Career Studio in this week’s View from the Hill.

“Generation Z will change jobs more than any generations before them.”

But it’s that first job that can be the hardest to get.

That’s where WKU’s Career Studio comes in.

“We do basic things like resumes and cover letters and we also have some really difficult conversations with students about where their life is going.”

The career studio is located in the Advising and Career Development Center on the second floor of the Downing Student Union.

“I really want students to utilize this resource. They help with internships, resumes, cover letters, finding jobs after graduation. Graduate Assistantships.”

Not that long ago, Academic Advisor Destinee Greer was working on her masters and came by looking for help finding a career.

“She gave me such good advice, so many helpful tips and she really wanted to work with me to make sure my resume and cover letter was ok.”

The on-line community Handshake also plays a big role in helping match students with opportunities.

“Handshake is an amazing resource, it’s used nationwide.”

Meany says a digital profile has all but replaced a paper resume.

“An on line profile like handshake or linked in, you can attach links to other websites to kind of give yourself more credibility.”

Meany says trained Peer Career Coaches and professional staff can also help guide students through salary negotiations, career fair prep and finding the perfect internship.

“You don’t just want any internship, you want a great internship that’s gonna give experience that you can take with you to another job.”

With this week’s View from the Hill, I’m Amy Bingham.

WKU ‘s winter term begins Monday January 6th. The Career Studio operates Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. No appointment is needed.

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