Changes are coming to Mammoth Cave National Park

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Mammoth Cave National Park has been a staple for tourism in South Central Kentucky for decades. If you've ever been to the park, or even if you haven't, you might want to visit as major changes are coming soon.

Tuesday Mammoth Cave National Park held an open house style public meeting to gauge opinions on future renovations that are coming to the park.

"So today we brought people in to kind of look at these plans we have going forward to get their opinions on what they'd like to see happen in the park what they think of what we're currently planning," Public Information Officer for Mammoth Cave National Park, Molly Schroer said. "Just cause we want to make sure that we're align with what the public wants to see. We're a public park, we're here for the people and we want to make sure that as we move forward it's as the public would like to see."

Molly says these changes are necessary to modernize park infrastructure.

"Our concessions facilities have been around since the 1930's, none of them have had any major upgrades or renovations in the time that they've been here. So it was just kind of time to make them modern again. To increase their functionality, how well they work and how well they serve our visitors." said Schroer.

Schroer said the plans for the renovations have been in the works for around 3 years.

The concessions facility improvement projects include:
-Construction of new family cabins
-Improving parking and site access around the Lodge at Mammoth Cave.
-Repair and replacement of the roof and facade improvements to the main lodge
-Refinishing and upgrading historic Woodland Cottages
-Electrical upgrade of historic Hotel Cottages

Park officials are still in the process of selecting the final blueprints for the renovations. After an environmental assessment is made, the public will be invited to make additional comments and suggestions for the proposed changes.

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