'Christmas Angel' spreads joy by giving away new and used items

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- On Friday, 13 News received a tip that a local woman was planning on handing out her own belongings to anyone who needed gifts for Christmas.

13 News caught up with the Bowling Green woman in her moments of giving to share her story.

"God taps me on the shoulder and says this is thing you do- give," said E.J Belcher.

Belcher could have spent the day before Christmas Eve with her family. Instead, she stood out in the rain and cold to give away some new and used items she easily could have sold.

"If everybody would give a lot of things that they have at home that they're not using, everybody would have what they need."

A 'simple lady' as she calls herself, she is just trying to help others out.

"They can come and get it for somebody that they love, somebody that needs a gift, somebody that needs something for themselves," said Belcher. "It's the season and it should be all year-round, but I think sometimes we think more about it around Christmas."

After posting her location on a local Facebook page, folks came out to find some treasures.

"It's a good thing that she's doing. She doesn't have to do this, but there are people like us that do need a little extra help, and luckily we had a Christmas angel," said Renee Cardwell.

People benefited greatly from her generosity.

"It means a lot because it's kinda hard right now, especially having two kids," said Brittany Reeder.

"It's better than going to a yard sale and you can leave and you don't owe a penny," said Belcher.

Anything she didn't give away, she donated to Good Will.

"I like to see things that I no longer use, go to good use," said Belcher. "To me that's the spirit of Christmas."

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