Christmas Lights Project approved for Motorsports Park; Corvette Museum purchases more acres

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Next Christmas will be a bright one for the National Corvette Museum.

The motorsports park will have a Christmas Light Display next holiday season.

"We are excited to start moving forward with the Christmas light project at the Motorsports Park, it's only February but the season will be here before we know it," says Katie Ellison, Manager of Marketing and Communications at the National Corvette Museum.

Ellison says, "it is being funded by Hotel Room Tax that the visitors pay into the community."

The project is estimated to cost up to $152,000 in reimbursement for the electrical wiring. Ellison says The Corvette Museum will be paying $140,000 yearly in the light rental, plus staffing, marketing, and other associated costs.

"A great benefit for us to enjoy with money that did not come from local taxpayers." -- Katie Ellison.

Ellison adds that they will continue to enforce two main rules.

"We are not allowed to run track activity like racing type of activity after 5:30 p.m. and we're not allowed to have permanent lights on the track."

In addition to the Christmas Lights Project, "the museum has purchased an additional 208 acres adjacent to the motorsports park, however, we don't have any immediate plans for it," says Ellison.

Even though it may only be used as farmland right now

"We have project ideas for years and years down the road, even things like some adventure sports like mountain biking, a zip line some autominium so condos with a garage, additional garages but those are all years and years down the road."

The Christmas Lights display will officially open the week of Thanksgiving this year and run through December.

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