City of Bowling Green's response to Mills' motion to dismiss Hitcents Park Plaza lawsuit

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The City of Bowling Green files its response to Mills Family Realty's request that the court dismiss the city's lawsuit against it and Chris, Clinton, and Ed Mills regarding the downtown wrap, formerly known as Hitcents Park Plaza.

The Mills' attorney, Brad Keeton, says the city had numerous opportunities to correct anything it didn't like about the Operating Agreement, but never did.

The response from the city's attorney says the city had no reason to know of or discover fraud until the the project began "imploding" due to lack of funds and that the city and its residents suffered significant monetary loss.

The Mills' motion also claims the city "seeks to settle old scores" because certain city officials have "personal animosity" toward the Mills.

The city's response is that it wants to hold the defendants accountable for the monetary losses.

The Mills and businessman, Rick Kelley, are accused of wrongfully diverting and illegally using bond funds to establish and operate their own private businesses. Kelley was not a part of the motion to dismiss.

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