Cleanup continues after devastating tornadoes in Tennessee

Published: Mar. 4, 2020 at 4:25 PM CST
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More than 24 hours have passed since deadly tornadoes

and Wednesday, families are picking up the pieces and assessing damage.

In East Nashville, almost every home on Ramsey Street received damage.

Patrick Starnes says his front porch is a total loss after a tornado ripped through his neighborhood on Ramsey Street in East Nashville.

"As you can see here there's the address 820. This address was on the top half of the roof," said Starnes.

Starnes' home is ruled unsafe to be inside, a similar situation for all of his neighbors.

Looking around Ramsey Street power lines are down, roofs are gone and windows are shattered.

"Within 15-30 seconds it came through here and it just destroyed and destructed a lot of stuff," added Starnes.

Just down the road, Chrissy Kirkwood says she's thankful to be alive and could not hold back tears seeing the damage to her home.

"Really intense, it was very traumatic and my partner and I were just like holding each other on the futon in the basement," said Kirkwood. "It was dark, like we didn't know, and then we lost power."

Wednesday, volunteers arrived in East Nashville to help board up windows, put tarps on roofs and box up items from homes.

Power crews were on scene all across Nashville to repair lines and restore power to the more than 30,000 people still without.

"Devastating to know that the wind within a matter of seconds to destroy the things that it has in this neighborhood," said Starnes.

A community cleaning up, though it will take time before things are back to normal.

"It feels so warming to my heart to see people come together in service to the community," said Kirkwood.

Starnes believes there is something positive coming to the neighborhood he's called home for 15 years adding, "What this says to me is there is something good that is coming behind this, even if it's to rebuild the entire neighborhood, to beautify it, there is something good that is coming behind this situation."

The number of deaths from the devastating tornadoes in Tennessee has risen to at least 24.

Wednesday the American Red Cross was on the scene in East Nashville to help.

Those looking to donate items can go through the Nashville Community Resource Center, though they say no clothing will be accepted.

You can contact them at 615-291-6688.