Climbing to Greater Heights at WKU

Published: Jan. 30, 2019 at 5:26 PM CST
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Western Kentucky University President Dr. Timothy Caboni spoke at the Bowling Green Rotary Club meeting Wednesday afternoon to discuss the university's 10-year strategic plan called "Climbing to Greater Heights."

President Caboni said this plan has been a year in the making and is composed of three major parts: a focus on students, how WKU can work better as an organization, and how the university can elevate the economy in the region.

"WKU plays such an important role here in Bowling Green. Not just to attract students and folks to town, but how do we create those innovative ideas, those companies, those start-ups, where we're a lighthouse to attract folks to town but also that we're a magnet that keeps them here to grow the South Central Kentucky economy," said President Caboni.

He said he's always excited when he gets the chance to talk about WKU.

"We've worked very hard to create -- not what's my vision for the institution -- but what's a shared vision for the institution," he added.

President Caboni said last summer he drove to all 27 counties in WKU's service area.

"We have relationships in all of those places," he said, "and what's important to me in our role is the region's university is both to be a convener and also to bring people together to have conversations on 'How do we grow the region?'"

President Caboni also added that the university has seen tremendous success in student retention, especially in the last six months.