"Close the Deal" inspires students to look ahead

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- An annual school event to push student noses to the grindstone for one last year.

Barry McReynolds, a math teacher at Logan County High School, says "Close the Deal" is all about helping the graduating seniors to have a plan after school.

"We don't want our seniors to walk across the stage with a diploma in their hand saying, 'now what?'"

Although the senior Cougars won't wear their caps and gowns till the following year, the annual "Close the Deal" program is one last final push to keep students on track for a better future.

"Their future is important. They're not just going to fade away into the crowd when they graduate."

Once the seniors walk across the stage to take their diploma, teachers like McReynolds say they need to keep in mind that their lives are just taking off.

"We expect them to make a difference wherever they are, whether that's college, military, straight into the workforce... we want them to make a difference," McReynolds added.

One special guest speaker, the Lt. Governor of Kentucky, says students need to be ready to take life as it comes and be open to any opportunity.

"I just want to let them know to expect the unexpected. They may have plans, they may not have plans, but to let them know there's going to be opportunity, take advantage of those opportunities as they come up," said Bowling Green resident Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton.

The school message of the day: one opportunity can lead to another. Something Kentucky Lt. Governor Hampton can attest to.

"If you would've told my 17 year old self that I would end up being the Lt. Governor of Kentucky, I wouldn't have believed you," said Hampton.

Because you never know, the future Lt. Governor of Kentucky could very well be in the Logan County crowd.

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