Colder months mean high electric bills

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The very cold days this winter mean customer's utility bills might be taking the hit for it, the Kentucky Public Service says.

Warren Rural Electric breaks down what to expect on your upcoming bill and why it's projected to be so high. They say the National Weather Service has a measure called 'heating degree day' and that measures how much heating is needed to heat a building.

"When you look at November to December this year, that measure is 75% higher in December when you move to January it's an additional 14% on top of that," said Kim Phelps, Senior Director of Communications and Public Relations​.

Those percentages are even higher compared to last year by 42%. Some things to keep in mind during these cold days to prevent even higher bills are patching air leaks through out your house with caulk.

WRECC also encourages you to keep your house at or under 68 degrees when you leave. Every degree below 68 will save you about 3% on your bill.

Concerned customers can reach out to customer service to look into payment plans. Additionally, there is some assistance through Community Action of Southern Kentucky has a program LIHEAP which assists low income houses with heating costs. Click here to check out more of that information.

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