Congressman Guthrie announces Warren County Sheriff’s Office grant

WASHINGTON, D.C. –- Congressman Brett Guthrie, of Bowling Green, announces the U.S. Department of Justice is awarding a $75,629 grant to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office through the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program.

Courtesy: Warren County Sheriff's Office

The sheriff’s office will use this Strategic Planning for Law Enforcement and Mental Health Collaboration Grant to develop law enforcement responses for people with mental health needs.

Sheriff Brett Hightower says their deputies come in contact with individuals with mental health issues frequently.

"A lot of people don't realize that we transport on average 48 people per month from Warren County to Western State Hospital that have been certified by a mental health provider that have said that they need additional treatment," said Warren Co. Sheriff Brett Hightower. "There's a lot of time that we spend with this, and there may be some additional processes or different ways that we can relook at how we handle those in crisis."

This is a two year grant which will also evaluate policies and formalize partnerships between the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and mental health treatment facilities.

“Congratulations to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for receiving this competitive grant,” said Guthrie. “As Warren County grows, our brave police officers need more resources to help our communities. This grant will allow our police officers to better serve our community.”

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