Coronavirus affecting travel plans for Americans

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 4:32 PM CST
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Following several outbreaks of the coronavirus, the United States placed a travel ban on China.

From flights to cruises, right now no Americans are allowed to travel to China.

Cruise lines have changed their routes and according to a local travel agent those who paid for the cruise and aren't happy with the new trip will be accommodated.

"I just got an update from one of the suppliers I sell quite a bit of, anything coming in and out of there is completely being redone or being cancelled," said Kara Robinson, Owner of Elite Travel Designs. "That cruise line is giving back 100% of somebody's money, if they don't like the new itinerary. If the air was booked through the cruise line they are changing their air for free. Everybody is trying to accommodate all their passengers."

Also, according to a local travel agent, this ban isn't really affecting travel plans for her customers but has affected travel agents out west and tour companies in China.

"I have friends that own agencies on the west coast that book a lot of Asia and China trips, and they've all had to cancel," added Robinson. "We get notices all the time of what is happening and it is really sad. I just read one that a private family-owned boutique tour company in China after 56 years had to close it's doors because they lost everything."

Kara's company doesn't have anyone booked for a vacation traveling anywhere near China until 2021.

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