Court denies motion by to dismiss Medical Center EMS Lawsuit

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Franklin Circuit Court has denied a motion filed by Greenview Regional Hospital and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to dismiss a Medical Center EMS lawsuit challenging the Cabinet’s emergency regulation involving ambulance service.

When the Cabinet enacted the emergency regulation, it included six counties in which it would apply, and one of those was Warren County.

Greenview Regional Hospital filed a motion to dismiss it and the Cabinet joined Greenview’s motion.

TriStar Greenview claims there is a need for a second ambulance service in Warren County, which the largest county in Kentucky that has only one provider.

Med Center Health has previously rebuked those claims .

Med Center Health filed their lawsuit to challenge the certificate of need issued by the state.

Med Center Health officials say they're happy with the court's decision.

"We were pleased that the Franklin Circuit Court decided to reject Greenview's motion to dismiss our lawsuit," said Med Center Vice President Wade Stone. "It's nice to know that we do have someone who is willing to listen to our case now, and so we look forward to the lawsuit proceeding as planned."

Stone says it's unusual for the Health and Family Services Cabinet to join in on certificate of need issues, and it troubles him to see the Cabinet join Greenview in this case.

TriStar Greenview CEO Mike Sherrod said in a statement, "“TriStar Greenview will continue through the certificate of need process to provide ambulance service in Warren County because Kentucky residents deserve a choice in healthcare providers."

He added, "The ambulance service we are proposing will transfer patients to the closest, most appropriate ER and honor the request of the patient. This important service for our community will not be subsidized by tax payer dollars and would provide care and transport for patients regardless of their ability to pay."

Some Warren County officials have come to the conclusion that there is currently no need for another ambulance service.

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