Crime Stoppers: Homicide Hunter Lt. Joe Kenda in BG

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Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda took time out from his busy schedule to speak to the annual Crime Stoppers Eye Opener Breakfast this morning, and told the record crowd of nearly 900 how important he believes Crime Stoppers is.

"You as a citizen and as a member of Crime Stoppers," Kenda told the crowd, "have a greater impact on crime in your community than any other person. You are more important than everybody else in the world, with the exception of your law enforcement agencies."

"I used Crime Stoppers and the information they provided when I worked for a living on the Colorado Springs Police Department every single day," Kenda later told me. "I had a high solution rate of homicide. I contribute most of that to the information I got through Crime Stoppers. It's the greatest idea ever for resolution of criminal activity. It's the cheapest and it's the most effective."

Case in point, Joe Kenda solved 92% of the homicides he worked on, that's a national record! So what can a person do to fight crime in their own community?

Lieutenant Kenda has this advice: "If you are living a person living in Bowling Green, Kentucky and you've never really contributed something to the community at large, but you want to. You know that you should. Then if you can't think of anything else to do, take some money out of your pocket and give it to Crime Stoppers, and you have taken a major step to resolving crime in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It takes you no time at all, and you can feel good about yourself that you stood up and did the right thing. You contributed to something that actually works. And it works tremendously."

Since its inception in 1988, South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers has helped police make 1,873 arrests, caught 124 fugitives, recovered $643,080 in stolen property, and seized $284,605 worth of illegal drugs.
That's why Lieutenant Joe Kenda says it works.

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