Cyber security professionals offer tips to keep your social media secure

Photo: Pixabay / MGN
Photo: Pixabay / MGN
Published: Mar. 29, 2018 at 6:57 PM CDT
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After a data mining company breached Facebook and used over 50 million user's information, many are concerned with online profiles.

Users are wondering if their personal information is being kept secure, or if Facebook is selling that to private parties. Some say they might do away with social media for good.

A manager at a local cybersecurity company, John Gilbert, says this is inevitable.

"Without a doubt, they're able to sell that information under certain circumstances, but the real question is, did they make the users aware of this," says Gilbert.

He says while there may be legal issues with what companies are doing to get your personal information, you face that danger by posting it on the web at all.

"Understand that when you put any information online, it's a calculated risk," Gilbert says. "This isn't like you're taking your personal information and putting it in a vault or in a house somewhere locked."

It's not just private information that is being exchanged, reports say basic posts including interactions with friends are included too. That has led to a question everybody is wondering.

"What are they doing with the data that isn't affected by privacy settings?" Gilbert asks.

That question has yet to be answered.

To make your Facebook account more secure, you can click on privacy in your settings and select who can view your information, posts, and even pictures. However, even with a secure account, tech professionals say those accounts can still be breached by the owner.

"You just can't put it on your account to begin with," Gilbert says. "Where you've got an account that's inclined to sell your information with or without your permission, that's a risk you're taking by putting your information on their system."

Facebook adjusted it's privacy settings on Wednesday, making it easier for users to secure their accounts.