Dangerous driving conditions lead to dozens of accidents in South Central Kentucky

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(WBKO) -- Early morning snowfall turned into slick roadways on Tuesday, making for a busy day for Kentucky State Police.

The conditions were especially too much to handle for the driver of a tractor trailer that slid off the road at the end of the Natcher Parkway near Scottsville Road:

The driver of that tractor trailer was certainly not alone. All told, Kentucky State Police Post 3 (Bowling Green) responded to 25 accidents as of 6 p.m., including a wreck in Hart County between a tractor trailer and a passenger bus, backing up traffic for miles, as seen below.

KSP confirmed that 19 of the accidents they responded to were non-injury accidents.

The wreck in Hart County did send at least 11 people to the hospital, including some children, but police confirmed that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Transportation officials say some of the dangerous road conditions may have been in part, due to the snowfall that accumulated last week, adding to a compacted sheet of snow in some of the low priority roads.

One official said even a plow isn't the perfect tool to make the roads safer.

"Even though we run a plow over it, that doesn't take it down to the pavement," says Chris Jessie of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. "Many times, it just scoots right over it and kind of seals it in some cases even. It's not an exact science to put a blade down and just clean the road. That's not how it works. Sometimes the blade skips right over that, and doesn't get what we call a good bite."

Kentucky State Police asked that drivers remain cautious throughout the night especially near Hart County. They suggested that there could still be traffic backup.

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