United Way's Day of Caring | Top Crops

Published: Jul. 3, 2018 at 3:26 PM CDT
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United Way's Day of Caring is quickly approaching. Several volunteers will be heading out to Western Kentucky University's Ag Farm to help with some special projects at Top Crops.

"We are a garden with individuals for special needs," said Bill Greer, founder of Top Crops. "They plant, they tend, they harvest."

Folks around the community with special needs do it all at Top Crops, a non-profit organization that allows them to garden.

Even selling their produce at the market.

"Individuals continue to learn, continue to grow, have a good time, but they're involved in producing something that's meaningful, valuable and healthy to the community," Greer said.

United Way's Day of Caring has provided Top Crops with volunteers since their opening in 2013. For those who have been there from the start like Wes Kerr of Connected Nation, the size of its impact is clear.

"This gives them a home," said Wes Kerr of Connected Nation, a company who has helped volunteer at Top Crops for United Way's Day of Caring since its start in 2013. "To go over to the community farmer's marlet on a Saturday morning to see the smiles on their faces and how much they enjoy this as well as the farmer's market, has been a real joy for us."

Atomos energy has also been a big partner, volunteering from day one as well.

"Just to see the smile on their faces when they're actually able to go and greet the public and sell them what they've raised, it's awesome," said Lisa Whitney of Atmos.

Volunteers have helped raise this garden for years, this year they'll be installing a Cedar Fence around the property, rebuilding their raised flower beds and staining the gazebo and arbor.

United Way has played a part of this incredible place that gives so much back to the community. Each year showing that growth doesn't just show in the plants.

"To see the personal side, and how much care and concern they actually have for [the gardeners] is awesome," Whitney mentioned.

"You get a chance to connect with [the gardeners], I guarantee they'll leave an impression on you that you will not forget," Greer added