Death investigation leads to officer involved shooting in Hardin County

Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 8:37 PM CDT
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A death investigation leads to an officer involved shooting in the back of a high school parking lot Wednesday afternoon.

Just after 12:40 p.m., the Hardin County Sheriff's Office was responding to a death investigation possible domestic situation on Wise Lane in Hardin County.

The victim in the death investigation on Wise Lane has been identified as 46-year-old wife, Ruth Marie Kilgus.​The possible suspect, her husband, 51-year-old, Jesse Kilgus.

"The perpetrator of the shooting that occurred on Wise Lane, was coming to John Hardin High School to get a juvenile student, child of his," said Trooper Jeff McGregory.

As a result, all three schools on Jenkins Road were placed under lock down.

At around 12:50 p.m., Kilgus arrived at John Hardin High School and attempted to gain entry. A School Resource Officer told Kilgus that entry was denied due to the lockdown. Mr. Kilgus then returned to his vehicle.

Officers and deputies immediately went to the school and met the possible suspect in the back parking lot of John Hardin High School.

"We spoke with him for four or five minutes to try to get him out of a van that he was sitting in, and he raised a firearm," said Trooper McGregory.

At that time, police say multiple shots were fired by the different agencies on the scene.

Kilgus was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Stops were put into place that worked correctly, locking the students down, notifying, talking with each police agency, and everybody communicating well," said Trooper McGregory.

Police say nobody at the schools was injured or involved

"That was because of the quick action of our law enforcement agencies, especially the Kentucky State Police," said Public Relations Director of Hardin County High School, John Wright.

The district expressed the importance of their resource officers.

"He was big today. He was critical to the success of the day," said Wright.

They also reiterated the crucial partnership with law enforcement.

"Just reemphasize that our partnership with them, with law enforcement is extremely strong, and today it certainly is essential," said Wright.

There's two different investigations going on here. The Kentucky State Police is conducting an officer involved shooting investigation here at John Hardin High School and The Hardin County Sheriff's Office is conducting that initial death investigation on Wise Lane.

Hardin County Schools with be open and in normal session tomorrow. They will have counselors on hand to speak with students if necessary.