Democratic governor candidate, Rocky Adkins meets with constituents in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- There's another democratic candidate running for governor in Kentucky.

Andy Beshear made his campaign announcement in July, and now a week off his announcement, Rocky Adkins and his running mate, Stephanie Horne, continued a western Kentucky tour Tuesday in Bowling Green.

"We're in a fight for the middle class. I think that's worth fighting for. How about you guys?" addressed Adkins to a crowd at Steamer Seafood.

While meeting with constituents, he also spoke on why he's running and what his campaign is all about.

"Our campaign is going to be about bringing commonsense back to the Commonwealth of Kentucky," he said. "Our campaign is going to be about how we strengthen public education and how we make that work with workforce development."

Adkins, a former school teacher, is a strong advocate for teachers and public education, similar to his democratic opponent. Adkins made a jab at Governor Bevin during his speech in this realm.

"The creation of charter schools to take an unfunded system of public education and privatize it, in my opinion is wrong," said Adkins. "The disrespect for our teacher and public employees is wrong. That agenda is wrong."

The minority leader in the Kentucky House of Representatives said the 2013 pension reform bill works, and if Senate Bill 151 is overturned on appeal, it will have consequences he's running against.

"If this bill is successful, then he is basically going to make it harder for us to hire good qualified teachers to be in the classroom because his pension bill lessens those benefits. Let's keep what we got, let's fully fund the pension system as we move forward, and allow these pension systems to continue to recover," Adkins added.

The veteran state legislative leader also prided himself on being able to reach across the aisle in the house.

"Because of my record, that can bring back those conservative democrats that we've been losing," explained Adkins.

Common is the theme in his campaign slogan which relates to the kind of man Adkins considers himself, and all of Kentuckians.

"They also believe that I know Kentucky and I understand Kentucky and I am Kentucky."

Adkins also said he plans to invest in Kentucky's infrastructure, and diversify the economy.

His running mate, Horne, is a member of the Jefferson County School Board.

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