Disney parade for Charter Senior Living residents

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 7:45 PM CDT
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During this pandemic the community is finding ways to spread joy.

Edmonson County High School students teamed up with Intrepid Healthcare to host a Disney parade for residents of Charter Senior Living.

Intrepid patient advocate, Tyra Taylor and Charter Senior Living employee Cathy Granger says they wanted to enhance the human spirit during a difficult time.

"So I came up with a Disney coloring contest so they all got to color, the residents, and they got prizes for first, second, and third," said Tyra Taylor, Intrepid Patient Advocate.

The parade visited windows waving to more than one hundred residents.

"They've not got to see their families in months and it just made me so happy to see a smile on their face," said Jade Taylor, Edmonson County High School student. "There was this sweet little old lady, and we were just dancing, making a fool of ourselves and she started dancing with us and it just made my whole day."

"It really just made a big impact on me and I've just never really smiled like that and It really just made my heart happy and it was so uplifting," said Kennady Ashley, Edmonson County High School student.

Residents of Charter Senior Living have been quarantined for months during the pandemic without visitors from friends or family members.

"Just to see their face and one lady told us this was the greatest thing you could have done for me today. So, it was just so uplifting and working with Charter was such a blessing and I just don't have the words to how blessed I was yesterday," Tyra Taylor. "It was really uplifting because through this tough time, they can't really get out anywhere or do anything, so them seeing us, they really just had big smiles on their face and it just really made my heart happy," Tyra Taylor said.

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