Dogs and owners travel from around the region for Ruff! Run for Agility Competition

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- This weekend, dogs of all different talent levels tested their agility at the Western Kentucky University L.D. Brown Ag Expo Center in the Ruff! Run for Agility Competition

"I love dogs and I love to train and it's just fun," said 81-year-old Bette Beel, traveled from Indiana and has been competing for 4 years.

From border collies, to chocolate labs, to the little toy spaniels, more than 100 dogs participated in the Ruff! Run for Agility Competition this weekend.

"It is so much fun to run with my dog. There's nothing like it, it's like dancing out there, it's like a dance out there with your dog," said Lisa Schmit, who traveled from Illinois. "There's nothing like being connected with my dog and him listening to what I'm doing; it's so fun."

The dogs have different classification for size and experience levels.

"Her name is Taylor," said Lori Bunch, the owner of a border collie/beagle mix from Bardstown. "She'll be eight years old next week and she loves agility. The handler can't keep up, but I try."

While there is no prize money, competitors do receive titles for accomplishments and if qualified, they move on to a national competition.

"This is a very good club here; they're very friendly and we love coming here, and my dog has fun,"said Beel.

"It's a lot of hard work, a lot of foundation work -- just like any other sport, you've got to practice and train," said Schmit.

Whether they make a mistake or get a perfect score, it's all about the bonding between a dog and their owner.

"It's good exercise for me. It's just fun and we bond and I love her," said Bunch.

Dogs from all over the region compete by running through a complicated course full of jumps, tunnels, and dog walks led by their owner.

"This is my hobby. This is what I do for fun. A lot of people play sports and do all kinds of stuff, but this is what I do," said Beel.

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