UPDATE: Thief caught after donation jar for BGPD officer stolen from Jet's Pizza


Quintin Cook

Bowling Green Police have arrested Quintin Cook for the theft of a donation jar from Jet's Pizza.

The funds being raised are for Officer Ed Pulley, who is battling cancer. Police say there were less than $500 in the jar. When an employee was distracted on Sunday, police say Cook grabbed the jar and fled with Troy Hardwick.

Officers received a tip that the two men had been at a camp behind the McDonald's on Campbell Lane. Officers found the two and interviewed them separately. Police say Cook admitted to the crime, saying it was his idea and that he spent the money on food. Hardwick denied any involvement.

Cook was charged with tampering with physical evidence and theft by unlawful taking under $500.

Bowling Green Police say they've identified the men, but are still looking for them at this point. Police thanked everyone for their help.
Bowling Green Police are asking for the public's help in finding who stole a donation jar from Jet's Pizza.

In the past, 13 News has coveredthe overwhelming support from the community in coming together to fundraise for Bowling Green Police Officer Ed Pulley, who is battling cancer.

Following a fundraiser organized at their store, Jared Nugent, of Jet's Pizza, has kept a jar on the counter for continual support.

That jar was stolen on Sunday, as seen on surveillance footage posted by Bowling Green Police.

Contact the department if you know who these individuals might be.

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