Mulching Do's and Dont's

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Landscapers say you should change your mulch around your trees every year, if not twice a year so it looks best.

One of the most common mistakes people make when mulching, is piling the mulch up the trunk of the tree, which can lead to pests developing.

The Green Leaf Nursery in Glasgow says that mulch pile is called a "mulch volcano" and you should avoid it at all costs.

"They'll come 8 or 10 inches up on the trunk and that's just not a real good idea. What you're trying to do is keep the root zone moist," Green Leaf Nursery Dick Doty said.

"What you're going to want to do, we like to call it a tree ring and we make a bowl around the outside there to kind of catch the water. And keep it in close to the tree," Doty added.

Over the years, if the mulch does not break down, you should take the mulch out and lay new mulch down.

Putting new mulch down also allows you to mow up to the tree without hitting the trunk of the tree.

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