Businesses remain open as square renovations continue

Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 3:47 PM CDT
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Bowling Green's downtown square has been undergoing renovations over the past couple years.

Businesses on the square say that they are not letting the renovations hinder sales, with downtown mainstays such as Morris Jewelry going as far as to show customers where extra parking is located. They say everyone is looking forward to the changes after they are completed.

"Everbody down here is really trying to make the best of it. What we are going to have when it is all finished is going to be really incredible," said Morris Jewelry owner Jim Steen.

The most recent renovations involve changing the corner lanes of the square.

"The majority of work is focused on Fountain Square itself. The ends are being converted from circular dividing median drives to a square so with that comes new pedestrian access points on each of the corners," said Greg Meredith, Public Works Director.

Meredith says anyone visiting downtown should expect lots of cones and a lot of work zones in different places, but to not let that keep you from visiting downtown as there are plenty of parking spots around the square.

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