Dr. Ransdell reflects about life on the Hill

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO)--- As time on the Hill as President approaches an end, Dr. Ransdell looks back over the memories made.

From being a student at Western Kentucky University, to meeting his wife Julie, enrolling two sons, and have one of them even marry on campus, WKU has been a large part of the Ransdell family story.

"That's been wonderful part of our personal history here," says Ransdell.

Tomorrow marks Dr. Ransdell's final commencement ceremony.

A day which may be extra special in its own way, as it is the day not only thousands of WKU students will embark on the next chapter of their lives, but so will Dr. Ransdell and his wife.

Dr. Ransdell says when people look back on his time as president, he hopes they remember his passion.

"We've made this job personal and we brought passion and emotion to it that's what made it so special and and I think meaningful for everyone with whom we've interacted," he says.

It's a passion he says is non-transferable to any other place.

"As far as we're concerned there is no other the university and and I think people know that we've been all-in," says Ransdell.

Dr. Ransdell says he and his wife are keeping their home in Bowling Green, and after some time away, they plan on coming back to live.

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