Driver's license, ID, court information for Warren County

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 11:13 PM CDT
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Circuit Court Clerk Brandi Duvall released information on renewing or replacing your driver's license or ID.

Duvall says do not show up at the Justice Center on June 1 for any drivers license/ID or testing-related questions, you will not be let in the building. The Justice Center is not completely open to the public.

The only people who will be allowed to enter the Justice Center are parties who have a scheduled court appearances (bailiffs will be checking your name off of the court docket list prior to allowing entry), people who need to file emergency cases, people who have an appointment for KSP written testing or an appointment for drivers license, those who have been instructed by a Judge to appear, those attending judicial sales or individuals who have been instructed to appear for grand jury.

Duvall says, if you show up but do not meet the above criteria you will be turned away and asked to contact your attorney or the Clerk’s office for further direction.

Everyone entering the Justice Center must wear a mask, court security will not be scanning items (due to touching personal belongings and cross contamination) so no one is allowed to bring bags, backpacks, purses, briefcases, etc. into the building. Phones, keys and paperwork are allowed.

If you meet the criteria above to enter, you must come alone. No one should bring children, other family members or friends with you, unless you require assistance medically or if you are a parent accompanying a minor for a written permit test (only one parent or legal guardian allowed). Everyone must also follow social distancing guidelines. Markers have been placed on the floors and in courtrooms to ensure proper social distancing.

The Circuit Clerk’s Driver’s License Dept can only issue the standard Kentucky license/ID which is good for domestic travel through OCTOBER 1, 2021 (this date was formerly 10/1/20 but Kentucky was granted a one year extension under the current circumstances). If you wish to obtain a REAL ID, you must call the Transportation Cabinet at 270-746-7493.

Limited license/ID renewal is available until July 31.

Warren County residents whose license, permit or ID card expired or was lost or stolen between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 (the period where in person services were not available) are eligible to renew or obtain a duplicate card by mail, email or by utilizing the drop box located outside of the Justice Center.

Everyone eligible for this service can either go online and print out the renewal form or pick one up from the lobby of the Justice Center, fully complete, sign and return with the appropriate fee by one of the following means: Drop it off in the drop box located outside of the Justice Center or mail it to the Warren Circuit Clerk both located at 1001 Center St., Bowling Green, Ky, or for people who wish to pay by debit/credit, you may use one of the processes above or email your form to This email address is not for asking questions, there will be no reply sent to you when using this email address, it is only for the submission of your renewal/duplicate application. If you have questions, you must call the number listed below.

Here is the link to the form:

If you are unsure about the cost or have questions about the renewal/duplicate process above, or if your license/ID expired prior to 3/1/20, you must call the Driver's License Department at (270) 746-7417.

For all other license/ID matters such as CDL holders, name/address change, transfers from out of county or out of state, etc. you are eligible to make an appointment to appear in person.

Appointments can be made starting June 1, but will only be scheduled between June 8- July 31. Due to this limited time frame, the capacity restrictions, the social distancing restrictions and the sanitizing requirements of the Justice Center, appointments will be limited. For those reasons, priority may be given on appointments depending on the type of in person transaction one is seeking. The Transportation Cabinet extended the renewal date on all Kentucky license, permits and ID cards for a 90 DAY period subsequent to your current expiration date, this means that if your license expired on June 1, 2020, your license is technically still good until September 1, 2020. In instances like that, CDL holders may be given preference on an appointment. We are going to do our very best to accommodate everyone seeking an in person appointment, however, if you fall in to the non-urgent category, you may be placed on a call back list and worked in if and when appointments are available between June 8 - July 31.

Kentucky State Police will not be doing any road testing during the month of June, only written tests will be given. During the month of June only, the KSP testing office located inside the Warren County Justice Center will be conducting written tests for 5 counties; Warren, Allen, Butler, Logan and Simpson.

After July 1, the KSP testing office in Warren County will only be testing Warren County residents and they hope to resume road testing at that time as well.

Out of county residents who will be traveling to Warren County for a written test must contact their local Circuit Clerk for instructions.

For information on testing or to schedule a written test, please call Kentucky State Police Testing at 270-746-7419.

Please be sure to call the appropriate phone number for your specific need. These are different agencies handling different issues and we cannot answer questions for one another.

Questions about drivers license, permits, IDs, CDLs or to schedule an in person appointment for one of the above, call the Driver’s License Department at: 270-746-7417.

Questions about written tests or to schedule an appointment for a written test, call Kentucky State Police Testing at: 270-746-7419.

Questions about REAL ID, call the Transportation Cabinet at: 270-746-7493.

Court related questions only will be taken by the Circuit Clerk’s office at: 270-746-7400.

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