Drunk driver crashes car into WKU sorority house

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A 19-year-old crashed into a WKU sorority house. 13 News spoke with witnesses and the sorority.

It was a pleasantly peaceful fall night until one individual decided to get behind the wheel.

"It was me and two other people, and we're sitting actually right here, and right at the stop sign a white truck pulled up," says witness, Marissa Jett, WKU sophomore. "[The truck] just like floored it to turn left, like towards the back part of Chesnut, and they started fishtailing and started to swerve."

The white truck described at the scene, lost control and struck a parked car.

"Which caused that car to go into the one [car] in the first spot, at the same time, it pushed it forward and into the house, knocking the front door and one of the front pillars," says WKUPD Sgt. Casas.

Responsible for the crash is 19-year-old James Russell Kerr.

"I was able to run over here as the police were getting here. The person that was driving the truck who ran into the house, he was sitting on the front lawn he was being arrested at the time," says Keaton Woodliff, Alpha Xi President at WKU.

Among his charges are a DUI, a minor in possession of alcohol, attempting to leave the scene of an accident, he was taken to the Warren County Regional Jail at 1:18 a.m. and released at 12:04 p.m.

"He got up onto like the porch, hit like two vehicles, and you could hear him trying to hit his gas to go away but he just couldn't go anywhere, he was stuck in the grass,"​​ says Jett-- hence the attempting to leave the scene charge.

"I mean honestly I really didn't believe that had just happened, it was crazy. I've never seen anything like that before," says Jett.

The good news was nobody was injured during the incident.

"Nobody was in those front two bedrooms on the house, but we are really lucky that nobody was coming down that front stairway, or in the front door living room area because that would have been really dangerous," says Woodliff.

Alpha Xi Delta came back to WKU in 2012 and just opened the brand new house in August currently occupied by 17.

"Everyone was safe and that's all that we're really worried about at this point, so, the house is just a house it can be fixed," says Woodliff.

Kerr was arrested for public intoxication and unlawful use of a license in October of 2016.

Right now, the sorority girls will live elsewhere until the damage is assessed and repaired.

"Kappa Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, they all reached out to us and let us know that they would open their house to our girls as well, so we really appreciate all the hospitality,"​ says Woodliff.

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