Dueling Grounds Distillery fills up their 200th barrel

Published: Dec. 29, 2019 at 8:47 PM CST
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The Dueling Grounds Distillery celebrated a huge milestone Sunday evening. The small distillery in Simpson county filled up their 200th barrel full of Kentucky bourbon.

Not only was it the 200th barrel but the city and county are celebrating their 200th anniversary as well.

Friends and family of the distillery got a chance to sign the barrel before it was filled and then sent to age a few years in storage.

"It's not a lot in the terms of bourbon and how many barrels. A bigger distiller cranks out but for a little operation like ours to hit this milestone is huge it's really cool," said Marc Dottore, Owner and Founder, "If you told me I would get here and it would be great I would've doubted you. It's been hard to get here but I am having fun and next year we will put away a hundred more."

Right now the distillery sells bourbon that has been aged for 2 years and they're a few months away from having 4-year-old bourbon.

Filling this 200th barrel meant a lot to both the owners of the distillery.

"We have been waiting and waiting and building this up for years and when you go into a business as a partnership as a couple there is a little bit of an added dimension to it. So you share in the highs and lows of the business as it goes along. Tonight is really exciting for us and for the community too," said Anne Dottore, Co-Owner.

The distillery is also on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour and if you are interested in visiting you can find more information by clicking

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