Early morning car wreck turns fatal for one, sends two to the hospital

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Edmonton, Ky. (WBKO) -- Metcalfe County Deputies were called to a fatal wreck Saturday morning. Deputy Colby Romines tells 13 News the accident happened around 5 a.m. on the Cumberland Parkway near mile marker 26.

Romines said a head-on collision happened when a vehicle driven by a woman along with another female passenger, both of Bowling Green, went the wrong direction by going east on the west bound side of the parkway and struck a truck.

"We do believe there was alcohol involved in this accident because of the smell of an alcoholic beverage," Romines said.

A Metcalfe County Sheriff's officer identified the two women in the car as 25-year-old Tisha Allen and 23-year-old Tamesha Turner. They also identified Thomas Voils as the driver of the white truck that was flipped over at the scene.

Deputy Romines said both of the women were ejected from the car, leaving Tisha Allen dead and sending Tamesha Turner to T. J. Samson Community Hospital.

It also left the Voils family anxiously waiting for their husband and father to get out of surgery at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Melissa Voils, his wife, spoke with 13 News and said, "(The doctors) pretty much said his left femur bone exploded, like it just shattered."

"Shock. So much worry and anxiety," she said, in describing the experience.

She said her husband is someone with a big heart, and right now, his heart isn't concerned for himself, but for the two girls in the other car.

Despite the circumstances, the family has hope.

"I know we're going to be okay because I serve a God who is mightier than all of this," Voils said.

"A very young girl lost her life. She doesn't get a do-over, we do. We mess up every day. We are going to get a do-over for ours, but she's not."

As of now, no arrests have been made. Deputy Romines said Tamesha Turner was being treated at T. J. Samson for non-life threatening injuries. Tommy Voil is also in stable condition at Vanderbilt Hospital.

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