Easter services renew hope

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The world is tough and there's a lot of brokenness surrounding us.

"You could take headlines from any place, anytime in the year. But you look at this year, you've got the stuff in North Korea, you've got stuff in world events going on. And things around us that are difficult and hard and then just individual stories in individual lives," Spiritual Formation Pastor at Living Baptist Church, David Head said.

Living Hope Baptist Church says Easter Sunday, reminds us to keep fighting on through hard times.

"And to be reminded Jesus came and then he rose again and says, 'Hey there's hope.' There's hope that's bigger than any problem or difficulty or any pain that you have," Head said.

"Heartbreak, challenging circumstances, easy to get impatience. But I can remember that Jesus Christ, who says I will hold your right hand, in my right hand and will go every difficult circumstance with us," member of Living Hope Baptist, Todd White said.

They say to remember, someone is always by your side.

"And Jesus Christ has been through all of the worst that can happen to any person, on this planet. And overcome that, and promises to go with us." White added.

The Bowling Green church says their services today, are very similar to every other Sunday.

"That it's not just located in one Sunday, one day, one special Sunday, even like this. But it's an ongoing reality that there's this hope that's there all the time," Head said.

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