Edmonson County man given sight by new technology

Published: Jan. 24, 2017 at 10:42 PM CST
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Darren Stith was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa nearly twenty years ago. For about 15 years, Stith could hardly even see his own family member's faces. that is until he found a certain technological breakthrough.

"When they first put it on for the very first time," Stith explains, "I could see my family members' eyebrows and noses and facial features. All those things came rushing back in."

While parts of Stith's retina don't function properly, these glasses from the company eSight allow him to see what he otherwise could not.

"If the central vision is not functioning," says Dr. Joe Tucker of Vision Source of Bowling Green, "then you can always go with magnification, and you can use that to project an image on the retina that is still functioning."

Stith says he can do things now that make life exponentially more enjoyable, like bonding with his son.

"If I show him something on the guitar," he saysm "I'm able to pinpoint, and show him. He's already better than me."

He also says it's makes life easier for those around him.

"My son's the most important person in my life," Stith points out. "He knows that. He'll tell you that. He worries and loves me so much. He wants what's best for me, and always has. I think for him specifically, he can go out and enjoy his life more."

Darren Stith worries about the sacrifices his family has to make for him, but his son Dawson says that's part of being a family.

"There's no sacrifice you wouldn't make for the person who's most important to you in life," says his Son Dawson, "and he's not just my dad, but he's my best friend and my hero, and there's nothing you wouldn't do for that person."

Stith says he's thankful for his family members that helped him get the special glasses, and that he want to show people in similar situations that there is hope.

Stith says he is willing to share more of his story to anyone going through similar circumstances, or want more information on how his glasses have impacted his life.

He can be reached at (270)-537-1785.