EF-1 Tornado touches down in Metcalfe County

CENTER, Ky. (WBKO) -- Some south central Kentuckians are assessing damage Tuesday, after storms swept across the area Monday evening.

Metcalfe County was one of the hardest hit. With strong winds, rain and an EF-1 Tornado.

"It just had started to rain, and I was just a few hundred feet away. I saw the debri flying, and I didn't even make it home," Marty Pennington said.

Two barns on the same property in Metcalfe County. One was totally ripped apart by storms from Monday. And the other one, went untouched.

"My dad watched it, he come by in his truck, and I got in his truck with him. We didn't see a tornado," Pennington said.

The barn owners say, it's an inconvenience more than anything else.

"This barn here behind you, it's the third time it's been messed up by storms," Pennington said.

One neighbor recalls a bad storm from years ago.

"I haven't seen anything like that here, and I hope I never see another one," Mildred Edwards said.

Thankfully, materials can be replaced.

"It's all wood and steel, it could be built back. and we thought everyone was safe at that time and they was," Pennington said.

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