Election 2019: Where we stand in the race for the next Governor

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Wednesday morning the message from Andy Beshear was clear, he is the Governor-elect and in his words, "I am done with running for office, it is now time to govern."

In a press conference with his Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman Beshear announced his plan for his transition into office.

"That includes rescinding that Medicaid waiver and saving healthcare for
95,000 Kentuckians, of giving this state a brand new board of education, and restoring voting right for more than 140,000 non-violent felons," said Beshear.

However, hours later Governor Matt Bevin announced his request for a recanvass of Tuesday’s votes to ensure they were added correctly.

Tuesday evening Bevin took the stage at the Republican Party Headquarters saying he is not conceding, leaving many asking what his next move would be.

"My point is this we want the process to be followed, the process will be followed, and in the end, we will have the Governor that was chosen by the people of Kentucky and that's the way the process should work," said Bevin.

So what does a recanvass mean?

A candidate has a week from Election Day to file a request for recanvass through the Secretary of State.

"Whoever that Governor is will have the responsibility to keep this trajectory moving forward and I will say this, I will be the first one in line wishing well to my opponent if he ends up as our next Governor because guess what, we live here, too," said Bevin.

Now that Bevin filed his request, the county board of elections will meet Thursday, November 14th to verify the totals.

"Most all of our machines have the actual ballot tape and then we have a digital, what we call an MBB card," said Warren County Clerk, Lynette Yates. "Those are read separately and that's what we would all go back and re-tabulate those ballot receipts."

Election officials tell 13 News even with the recanvass, Beshear has more than 4,000 votes in his favor and it will not change the results of the election.

"Now the election is over, no one else is going to cast a vote it ended last night and we are going to make sure that we make this transition as smooth as we can because the people of this commonwealth have needs and they need their next governor to be ready and to be addressing those needs immediately," said Beshear.

Immediately upon completion of the recanvass, the county boards of elections will file their recanvass reports with the Secretary of State.

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