Emergency Management pushing preparedness leading up to eclipse day

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Franklin Simpson Emergency Management presented in front of the Franklin City Commission Monday.

Director Robert Palmer says the day of the eclipse could be a once in a lifetime event, which means it could be bigger than anything the city of Franklin has seen possibly ever.

Palmer warned of standstill traffic on both I-65 and the streets of Franklin. He says if traffic is anything like what they expect, drivers shouldn't leave home without taking necessary precautions.

"We're asking everyone to make sure your cars are full of gas," he begins. "Make sure you've got plenty of food and water and snacks in case you get stranded just like we do in the wintertime. It easily could get pretty stressful on people's health, sitting on the interstate for a period of time."

Palmer also says that states like Indiana are urging residents to view the eclipse in Kentucky, citing that a partial eclipse isn't as exciting as a total eclipse. This would, of course, mean more traffic in the areas.

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