Employees BBQ ribs during busy holiday weekend

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Kroger employees on Campbell Lane are stepping out from behind the cash register and into the parking lot to grill for customers. They normally try to sell 300 to 400 racks of ribs but anticipate more for the Fourth of July weekend.

"It really heightens during the holiday," Nathan Adams, a Kroger employee, said. "Today we've sold about 75 and I'm sure that will just increase during the day and especially tomorrow."

One local doesn't like to miss out on them.

"I buy them every time they cook them. I come here, it's time to get some of them," said regular customer Robert Folker. "These ribs are good. I'm going to take them home and try them with my kids - Fourth of July."

Adams said their stand will be open on the Fourth, and they expect to start selling at 11 am.

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