Empty Bowls Bowling Green makes sure people have full meals

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One in five adults don't know where their next meal may come, and one in four kids face the same fate, and that's in Warren County alone. One local organization is trying to put an end to that number one bowl at a time.

Empty Bowl's Bowling Green found Garry Taylor tells 13 News hunger can happen to anyone.

"A lot of the hunger we see here in the community is our neighbors. It's people like you and me," Taylor explains.

He continued to say, "Maybe the car breaks down, or you get a larger heating bill this month."

The Empty Bowls organization is saying enough is enough, and South Central Kentucky agrees.

Dr.Patrice McGhee, Director of Community Development at Aetna Better Health of Kentucky says. "We want to end hunger and homelessness."

There were long lines for the 6th annual Empty Bowls Bowling Green event, and it wasn't for the full bowls of soup. Instead, it was for the empty bowls.

"(We are) getting bowls together to raise money to get food to those people who would otherwise have an empty bowl," Taylor explained.

This charity all started from one man's struggle.

"I was going through a rough time, I was feeling kind of down. One morning, I went to 7/11 for gas, and when I came out, there was a guy going through a trash can. Then I realized, I'm lucky. I have enough. There are people out there who aren't and need food."

Since then, the event that helps Hotel Inc. feed the homeless has grown into lines and beautiful art.

Last year, the event was able to feed 2,400 families in Warren County. Their hope was to raise enough money to beat that number this year.

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