EpiPen price raising concern

Published: Aug. 30, 2016 at 5:54 PM CDT
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According to Sheldon's Express pharmacist, Jarrod Ramsey, the price of the EpiPen has been on a steady rise for years.

"Since 2012, we've had a significant price increase of EpiPens. It really is a financial hardship to afford it."

The cost of an EpiPen two-pack costs around 600 dollars. A price that Ramsey says, probably won't lower until competition steps in.

"You know, it would be good to see more competition to come out to the market and be allowed by the FDA. When you have more competition, prices tend to drop. So, just wait for that point."

Even though there's essentially a monopoly on the drug epinephrine, users still ask, who is to blame for the price?

"You've got one company making it, the company will tend to blame insurance companies and federal regulations, and insurance companies will blame the company, so its actually probably a mix of all three."

And for those who don't want to pay the hefty price, epinephrine users have the ability to use an alternative, which could be risky.

"It's not as safe, but you can use epinephrine vials and draw it out with a syringe to get your dose, but when you're in an emergency situation that's not a very good spot to be in to draw your dose out. "

A drug that costs pennies to make, leaving users with empty wallets.

Although a 2-pack of EpiPens cost about $600, Mylan, the company of EpiPen, will be making a generic version of the drug. The cost of the generic will be $300.