E'town state rep pre-files DUI bill

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) – Representative Jim DuPlessis (R-Elizabethtown) has pre-filed a bill (BR84) that will eliminate the loop hole of people who receive multiple “first” offense penalties. BR84 requires that a person can only be sentenced with a “first” offense once in their lifetime.

“Hardin County and counties all over Kentucky have been devastated by the scourge of repeat offender drunk drivers. This bill will eliminate the slap on the wrist that repeat offenders get when they have passed their look back period. It will begin to put teeth into our drunk driving legislation so as to scare off would-be drunk drivers” DuPlessis said.

The current law, which has four increasing penalty phases, allows for repeat offenders to go back to the lesser penalty first phase, once they have passed the 5-year look back period. “The Brianna Taylor bill, which I highly support, will help because it increases the look back, however, it does not eliminate the loophole. Many repeat offenders know that once their look back time is up, they are now just looking at a slap on the wrist for their next DUI, so they go ahead and get behind the wheel after being irresponsible. This bill eliminates the slap on the wrist that many repeat offenders get.” DuPlessis said.

DuPlessis worked on this bill with the local County attorney as well as drug and alcohol counselors. DuPlessis says that “people who are drinking must understand to do it responsibly or there will be severe consequences. No longer will repeat DUI offenders receive just a slap on the wrist. Too many Kentuckians have suffered due to their negligence however if I am able to get this bill passed they will be given the penalties they deserve.”

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