Everything's Jake!

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 4:28 PM CST
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Did you know, a network TV star lives in Edmonson County? He keeps a very low profile, about three feet high. But he made a big splash on ABC this year.

Jake Boone won $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos when he was just three years old.

"And the winner of the $10,000 in tonight's home video is "Tot Jots a Lot" sent in by the Logsdon family from Brownsville, Kentucky. We have Nick, Jake, and Chrystal."

Tammy Ashley, Jake's grandmother said, "Little kid from Sunfish, Kentucky winnin' America's Funniest Home Videos. That's a big deal."

For most of us, yes, that would be a very big deal, but for Jake, he thought he was just helping him mom make a grocery list.

His mom, Chrystal Logsdon said, "I was makin' my grocery list and he come over to me and he was like 'I want to help.' And he asked for pad of paper and a pen, and he just started rattlin' stuff off."

"We need milk and uh cheese. What else?"


"We need sghetti. What else?"

"Taco stuff."

"We need taco stuff. What else?"


"We need nanas. What else?"

"More potatoes."

"We need more tatoes. What?"

"Lettuce and tomatoes."

"We need lettuce and damatoes. What else?"

"I think that's it."

"I thought it was really cute," said Chrystal, "but I didn't think it was viral video cute. But it was. Everybody really loved it. And so it just blew up from there."

Jake's shopping list has been seen from the Netherlands to Australia, and now he's in Cyberspace. "He has his own blog. And he's only three."

Jake's grandmother said he does funny things like this all the time, like making videos about how to tell someone directions on how to get somewhere.

"We was just sittin' there eatin' breakfast and he just gets to talkin' to Brian about goin' to work. So course I grab the phone and turn it on and he's givin' all these directions," she said.

In the video, you can hear Jake saying, "Then you go Bear Creek a mile. You go on the bridge a mile. And you turn on the narrow bridge. Go the other Bear Creek."

His mom said, "He's like a old person in a little person's body. He says some of the funniest things. And he's really a sweet kid. He has a good heart."

And he's not just talking the talk. Jake can really work, whether it's moving a melon, corraling cantaloupe, or breaking out the big guns with his goose neck trailer. But perhaps the best thing Jake does, are his videos.

His mom said, "A lot of people messaged us and said that it made them smile and it made them happy."

Jake has had a birthday since his time on America's Funniest Home Videos, and he's now four-years-old -- a very accomplished four-year-old. Jake has his own blog on Facebook called "Life According to Jake Boone" and a Youtube page that now has 20,000 subscribers.