Exclusive: Gabbi Doolin's parents discuss loss, coping, and justice

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Scottsville, Ky. (WBKO) - 1995. It's the year Brian Doolin graduated from Allen County Scottsville.

It's one year before Timothy Madden finished at the same school.

Two men on separate paths sadly brought back together for all the wrong reasons.

Brian and his wife Amy agreed to sit down with WBKO Monday after a long month of so much emotion.

They say what's happened to them is still hard to believe.

"I don't remember a whole lot. I just remember screaming 'no'!"

Gabbi's bedroom is now empty inside the Doolin home just outside of Scottsville. Due to events one month ago, that's how it will stay.

"Her little friend came down there and said, Amy have you seen Gabbi? I can't find her," said Amy Doolin.

Gabbi Doolin's older brother was playing football when she went missing from the campus of Allen County Scottsville High School. The game stopped and everyone including her father searched high and low for the seven year old.

Brian says he saw a lot of people during that search, but one face sticks out in particular.

"I saw him walking up the fence at the ball park. It was dark and I couldn't tell who it was originally. I hollered. I was asking a lot of people that night who they were. I mean, I thought he was helping me search. I asked him and that's what he had said. He was looking for Gabbi."

The man Brian Doolin says was Timothy Madden. Shortly after, Gabbi's mom saw an ambulance and heard the horrible news.

"I hid my knees beside that bench and I said please God, please let her be okay. But then they came back right after that and said she was already gone," said Gabbi's mother through tears.

Less than a week later Madden was arrested and charged with Murder, Rape, Sodomy, and Kidnapping.

The Doolin's say Timothy had a daughter that cheered with Gabbi.

"She would've trusted him just enough. She was around him at all the practices and the games," commented Amy.

"I wouldn't have thought it was somebody who was on the sidelines with us time in, time out. I don't ever have thoughts like that about my friends kids," added Gabbi's father.

Brian Doolin and Madden graduated only a year apart in high school, but Doolin says their acquaintance ended shortly after that.

"Of course we went all the way through middle school, high school. There was a short period of time we ran around together after high school."

Now the two former classmates find themselves at different ends of the legal spectrum, one pleading to a judge, while the others' family pleads for justice.

"To make sure that the person who did this pays. We have to make sure justice is served for her. Whatever that may be," said Amy Doolin.

Now not only does a bedroom lay empty, so does a piece of a family's heart.

"I will get to hug and kiss her again. I know I will. I don't have any doubt, but I miss her," said Brian, choking back tears.

Timothy Madden will make his first appearance in circuit court on January 13.

He was indicted by a grand jury last Friday.

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