Explosion, fire at Shelby Recycling

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August 1st, 2017
11:07 am

"We received a call right before 8 o'clock this morning that there was a small fire at Shelby Recycling. We did send a truck out to head down this way to find out what was going on and as the truck was on its way, we received another call that there was an explosion so we did knock out a full response to the area," says Marlee Boenig with the Bowling Green Fire Department.

Neighbors say they could feel their houses shake, and once they got outside, saw the smoke.

"It looked like a tall black tunnel of smoke," says Adam Majors, who lives nearby.

"It shook the side of the house," he added.

Another neighbor, Maria Hernandez, tells us she thought a car had run into her house from the shaking. She stood outside with Majors taking videos and pictures of the smoke they could see in the distance.

"We're still not sure what exploded. I could've been anything under pressure," adds Boenig.

"No one was hurt -- thank goodness," Boenig says. "We were glad to hear that because it could've been much worse if someone had been closer to what actually exploded."

Seven fire trucks responded to the call.

"Right now, everyone has left the scene. We [BGFD] were here and gone within an hour," she adds.

Shelby Recycling has resumed normal activity for the day.


First responders are currently on the scene of a fire at Shelby Recycling, 330 Power Street in Bowling Green.

We have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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