FOP says people who refuse entry of off-duty armed officers could be fined

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Over the weekend, we told you Warren County Sheriff's Captain Tim Robinson took his kids to the Regal Cinema at Greenwood Mall to see a movie, but the captain was asked to go no further than the lobby. He was told company policy did not allow him to wear his weapon in the theater unless he was on duty.

Local Fraternal Order of Police President Shawn Helbig says a year-and-a-half ago the Kentucky State Legislature passed a law that says any off-duty or retired police officer who could show their credentials could carry a weapon anywhere in the commonwealth except on federal property. This year they added penalties for anyone who did not obey this law.

"Then you can be fined," said Helbig. "First offense is $500, second offense is $1,000, and then $2,500 for each offense after that offense."

Helbig says allowing trained off-duty officers to carry weapons is a good idea given the school shootings, theater shootings, and mall shootings that have happened in America in recent years.

Since the incident at the Regal, the theater and the sheriff's office agree the theater misinterpreted its rule.

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