Fairness ordinance

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --- "Anything on the city commission to be heard by the city commission, it has to have three things: one is to be introduced, then it has to have a first, a motion, then it has to have a second motion, and then it can be discussed by the entire commission," said City Commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash.

In 2017, Slim introduced the fairness ordinance, but it didn't get far. Two years later he's introducing it once again.

"No one would offer the fairness ordinance in 2017, so we didn't have a formal hearing on it."

As a result of the failed second, Slim forced it to a working session.

"The difference between a regular meeting and a working session is there is no vote taken in a work session."

The fairness ordinance is a piece of local legislation that would protect individuals of the LGBTQ community from discrimination in the public sector.

"If my colleagues on the commission want to pass the buck all the time to some other level of government, then I guess the only people they have to answer to are the voters."

Slim says excluding LGBTQ people is damaging to the economy.

"If we passed a fairness ordinance, if we made our community appear more welcoming to people who are LGBTQ, we would most likely greatly reduce the number of open employment opportunities we have because people wouldn't be afraid to live here."

Bowling Green City Commissioner Sue Parrigin says a social issue like this should be left in the hands of bigger government, a stance she also took in 2017 because it is such a big issue.

The Bowling Green-Warren County NAACP sent out a press release Wednesday regarding its stance on a fairness ordinance

It reads "In our continuing efforts to ensure social justice for all members of the community, the Bowling Green/Warren County branch of the NAACP strongly supports the fairness ordinance proposed to the city commission."

Although this is progressive news for the LGBTQ community, Slim says there's work left to be done locally.

"I hope to get a second so that we can have a discussion and I hope to have three favorable votes. It's an uphill battle, I'll tell ya, it's an uphill battle."

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