Faith Over Fear crosses unite community amid pandemic

Published: Apr. 4, 2020 at 11:28 PM CDT
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Communities across the Commonwealth are coming together during the world wide pandemic.

A Hart County woman has started a county-wide initiative to help spread the word of God during these tough times.

Shelli Gibbons created a Facebook group Faith Over Fear asking people to place crosses in their yards to symbolize faith over fear. She got the idea from her friend, a pastor in Georgia.

"He kind of challenged us to start something here in Kentucky. We created the group yesterday and it has just grown overnight to almost 900 members," Gibbons said.

As of Saturday night, the page has close to 1,500 members.

Many of the crosses are lit up with green lights to honor those lost to COVID-19, decorated with Christmas lighst, bows, paintings, and words of encouragement.

Gibbons hopes the message can spread even further than Hart County.

"I think placing these crosses in our yards just has kinda given us something to take our minds off of everything and to put our minds and center our minds on God. Crosses lit up with spot lights, some people have made crosses with their porch posts. There is even a guy that shared he has a cross on the front of his semi truck because that's his main home," Gibbons said.

Gibbons created the group on Facebook for people to share photos of their crosses as a way to spread a positive message during these times of uncertainty.

"We would love to see this go everywhere in our viewing area," Gibbons said. "Everyone has been really creative and I just encourage everyone to do this and post to the page and let's light up Facebook with all of our crosses and center our hope around God."

The group on Facebook is public. Gibbons said everyone is encouraged to participate. Click">Faith Over Faith for Hart and Surrounding Counties

for moer information and how to share your pictures.

Gibbons hopes to bring everyone together in while staying healthy at home.