Family Enrichment Center's playground renovation a part of United Way's Day of Caring

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The United Way's 11th Annual Day of Caring will take place July 24th, where several community organizations, businesses and non-profits come together to complete various charitable projects.

The Family Enrichment Center in Bowling Green has participated in the Day of Caring for several years.

"I feel like our kids deserve the best. You know, Day of Caring, is important because we are busy providing services, we could never get done," said Lynn Hulsey, Family Enrichment Center's Director of Programming .

The non-profit organization provides services for children from six weeks to five years old.

"In the first five years, if you change those you change everything," Hulsey said.

Many children whom come from families of low income, neglect, and child abuse.

"We are helping to prevent child abuse and neglect. It is not just a daycare program. We like to work with the families and teach them how to be better teachers for their children," said Stephanie Taylor, Wee Care Childcare Center.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky says that "high quality childcare programs can mitigate factors associated with child abuse and neglect, including but not limited to, stress and social isolation," and this is the goal of the Wee Care Childcare Center.

"Our whole goal is to always be improving Wee Care and the services we provide, so that they get the best chance at life that they can get and I think that starts with our childcare center," Hulsey said.

To help help improve the center, volunteers from BGMU and the LORD Corporation will be renovating their playground.

"They are going to be painting a mural on our wall outside, we are also making a wall that is a big chalkboard for their children to draw on," Taylor said.

However, it is not just a mural, but an interactive learning piece to help the children develop their skills.

The volunteers will also be working on the foundation of the program, including the fencing and the landscape.

"We are going to be working on the fencing that we're continuing to fix," Taylor said.

The fence work started last year for the Day of Caring, by BGMU, who has participated in Day of Caring with the Enrichment Center for several years.

"They see our vision and so they really work hard to help us make sure that we have a great playground for our babies," Hulsey said.

BGMU and the LORD Corporation are helping complete this project.

Volunteers and donations are always needed.

The United Way's 11th Annual Day of Caring will take place Wednesday, July 24th.