Family interrupts Franklin church service, demands money

Published: Feb. 26, 2017 at 7:52 PM CST
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A Franklin church had their first service Sunday, a week after a group of people came into their church demanding money.

Church members say the family came in towards the end of their service last Sunday.

"I was in the spirit of prayer and my wife began to elbow me, because she knew something was off," Assistant Pastor, Tom Otto said.

"Had his hands together, he was kind of bowing his head. I thought he was just asking, you know, pray for us," church member, Terry Kean said.

The family walked up the middle of the isle, in the middle of service, demanding money.

"He grabbed the collection plate off the Communion table and was kind of shaking it in front of people. That's when Brother Pierce told them we weren't going to allow that," Kean said.

Faith Baptist Church members who were talking to the family, just kept telling them they weren't going to get money.

"He eventually got really frustrated, he got really agitated, got up and stormed out. When they left here in their van, it was tires squealing," Kean added.

People of the Franklin church say something like this has never happened to them before.

"When people come in looking for help, they're very humble, they're very broken. These people were not that way. They were arrogant, they were demanding, they were very upfront. All they were interested in is money, they had no spiritual needs," Otto said.

Some people of Faith Baptist had heard rumors of this happening to other churches, so they knew what to do.

"We were able to contain it and get the situation under control and get everyone out of harms way," Otto added.

Nerves may be a little higher than normal, but that doesn't change what the congregation gathers to do.

"We can't allow outside influences to change us because that would be a lack of faith and we must practice our faith. And we will continue to do so," Otto said.

Members of the congregation say they're just glad everyone is okay.